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Introducing i-Clean® Barrier Plus™ the Ultimate Protection Against Stains and Spills

Fabric collections that deliver beauty and brawn. Our new i-Clean® Barrier Plus™ technology repels and locks out liquids and stains, providing lasting beauty to upholstered furnishings in hospitality food and beverage settings; university cafeterias and public spaces; childcare facilities; and, senior living/healthcare environments. When durability is priority one, specify i-Clean® Barrier Plus™ fabrics.



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Just like your design styles, we believe fabrics need to look fresh and new. But high traffic areas demand high performance durability. i-Clean® performance fabrics ensure lasting style, comfort and function.

Now that’s smart design.


The i-Clean® Advantage

Superior Protection

Nano-based technology prevents spills from setting in and makes for quick easy clean up.

Moisture Repellent

Innovative material repels water and moisture, yet allows air to flow freely to prevent mold or odors.

Stain Resistant

Stain preventive technology that goes beyond preventing stains to resisting them.

Stylish Durability

Affordable, stylish and durable fabrics that are free of harmful chemicals.

Bring Your Design Vision To Life

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